Christian Ross

special invitation

Guess old comb-over himself keeps up with my site. He must have noticed how I mentioned his scuffle with ‘uber-lez’ and was kind enough to send me some free tickets to “Think Big, Live Large!”

Apparently, Trump Sr. is too important to show though so he will be sending his coat-tailing son to tell great stories about daddy and his panther. ‘Twas nice of panther-head to invite me (and 8 billion others probably) but I’d rather eat my own shoe than listen to whatever he has to say. Isn’t this the same guy that ran a casino into bankruptcy? A casino? Doesn’t the house always win? Genius.


So, if you are interested in losing a couple hours of your life let me know and you can have my seats. There’s a high possibility that you will come out of it knowing less than when you went in.

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