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Social networking?

I get the computer equivalent of a funny look when “Internet people” find out I don’t have a Facebook or Myspace account. In fact, I get quite a few funny looks when I mention it to live people as well.

There are many reasons why I have chosen not to sign up for an account to either one. Tonight I will submit reason #4638 to my list of why I don’t plan on staking claim to a piece of Myspace real estate:

Myspace Ad

While attempting to discover some new tunes by a band on Myspace (music is one area that probably has a Myspace requirement to get discovered) I was nicely greeted between songs by this obtrusive ad that not only covered the player but stopped the music as well.

Ad’s are a part of (Internet) life. I am okay with that. I’m not okay when they go this far.

Once again Myspace, thank you for re-affirming my desire to never share my information with you.


In a semi-related topic, if I were to ever decide to sign up for a social network such as those stated above, I would network at the newly (today) redesigned

The ability to completely (and beautifully) customize your stuff, incorporate almost all of your digital life (pictures, music, blog, friends, other social accounts, etc…) into one place, and the fact that ads are included but never in a way that becomes a complete distraction are all reasons one would do so.

Congrats to the Virb team on a great re-launch, here’s to hoping you start to gain some ground on those behemoths at the top.

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