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If the following is any indication of how the Super Bowl commercials will be this year, we will all be happy campers. I hear many say this but when my team isn’t in the game, I look forward more to the commercials than anything else. This year is no different, both teams bore me and the only thing I have to root for is a win for the Colts just so people can drop the ‘will he/won’t he ever get that monkey off’ routine on Peyton.

Since there’s nothing else to get anybody interested in, this year’s headlines are riddled with the ‘amazing’ stat that it is the first time a black coach has taken a team to the Super Bowl. Not only that, but it gets double the coverage since both head coaches for each team are black. While I see the good in this, equal opportunity for all, what I think should get the most coverage is the character that each one of the coaches has. Consider them the anti-Bobby Knight if you will, they are men of good character and have their priorities in order which in turn I believe helps them to be some of the best coaches in football. Their faith is always first, their families always next, and I’m not sure if you’d ask them that football/work would even be third on the list. Character should be the story line, not Color.

Anyways, back to the commercials. I will call it the ‘good ole days’ rule in effect to say commercials in recent years just haven’t matched up to those say 5-10 years ago. I am ready for a good year, one where I can TiVo the Super Bowl and fast forward the football game and not the commercials. To get you prepared, one of the commercials for tomorrows game has been released on the Internet and surely you can find some amusement in it. For those who don’t know/care, the fellow’s name is K-Fed (Kevin Federline aka ex-Mr. Britney Spears) and has proven on most accounts to be a total loser. As much as I think loser-dom will always follow Mr. Fed, the following makes me laugh and moves him up one notch above the lowest level on the loser meter:

Pick: Colts 27 – Bears 17

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  1. Mom says:

    funny! your blog is always interesting, usually funny and let’s me see a side of you that I don’t get to see very often! I like your character analysis – I wish the world were like that, too!

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