Christian Ross

Random thoughts while the child sleeps.

‚óè If we’re really in a recession then why did I count seven (7) automobiles lined up in the Starbucks drive thru this morning at 10:10am?

‚óè My initial thought this morning when remembering that this is the first day of Fall? Please dear Lord, let it be Spring already.

‚óè Everyone in America got hosed by the government this week. I’d have rather seen those companies tank then have the President step in and vow to write a bunch of checks that we will all have to cover. And what’s with the timing? Another 60-90 days wouldn’t have mattered. Unless you have an election to swing. And though I don’t always agree with Cuban, he’s right that both presidential candidates should at this very moment take every economic plan they have been hawking for the last 18 months and pitch it out the door. No more tax cuts for anyone. Rich, middle-class, poor. The government doesn’t have the money. Not that they did before but they just stuck themselves 700b dollars further down a whole they say they want to get out of.

‚óè I’ve now watched the first six episodes of season 1 of Mad Men. It just won an Emmy for best drama last night among plenty of other awards. I plan on getting through the rest of season 1 in the next couple of weeks and then hopefully catching up to the second season as soon as possible. And I don’t even know if I like it.

‚óè 20 minutes is not enough elapsed time for my kid to get a quality nap nor get all of my random thoughts out.

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  1. Kyle says:

    dude you gotta start watching Heros. Thats a good show. You will definitly know that you like it.

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