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Random links to start your Friday

Bora Bora
A few more articles/pictures like this and you can kiss my American-rear goodbye:,0,5854436.special

Daft Punk
It’s like Dance Dance Revolution for your fingers: Couple it with the YouTube hands version of the song and you can not only impress your friends but also build dexterity.

iPhone owners, sign up for and play Gowalla. It was created by a local shop here in town called Alamofire who incidentally also launched a pretty new website (and stole my idea for page scrolling) this week and also happen to have a dotcomrade of mine on staff. If you have facebook, they also made a game called PackRat. Apparently it was big and fun.

Google Voice
Only available to those who made the beta of Grand Central (unfortunately, not me) right now, Google is rolling out a new feature that will have both Skype and your local phone company banging their heads on their respective desks. Voicemail, central numbers that all forward to, Voicemail transcribed to your email inbox and text messaging are just a few of the features they boast. World domination to continue.

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