Christian Ross


A couple of months ago, NBC and Apple had a little fight. NBC wanted to raise the rates on its shows on iTunes. Steve Jobs (Apple) said no and thus NBC pulled all of its shows from iTunes. No more $1.99 clips of The Office, Earl, Sunday Night Football, or any other shows you might want to watch from the network struggling in 4th place.

In the last month or so NBC decided to put all of their shows online on a website called Hulu, all with ads like TV of course. Problem was it was open to beta testing for a while but filled up its limited number of slots quickly.

openHulu is an open source site that embeds the videos from Hulu and allows the rest of us to watch them (still with ads) without having to be a part of the beta testing. The list of shows is growing and includes shows from NBC and FOX. Don’t have cable/satellite? [Tucker, Melissa] openHulu is for you. Granted, with the writer’s still striking theres not going to be anything new for a while…


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