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Notes from the road…

With the advantages of laptops, free WiFi, and an uncanny ability to not pay much attention when I read my flight schedule ahead of time, I have a few extra minutes to kill while enjoying the friendly confines of the Harlingen International Airport. Aeropuerto internacional de Harlingen, if you are a local.

Not many complaints about my trip down. At least the sun was shining for a majority of my trip. The water was pretty warm for being such a large body, holding steady at about 69F. Got a little work in and a little time to rest as well. Was excited as my schedule fell into place for me to get out for a while this morning to paddle out; till the waves went flat.

Due to being cheap, I reserved a compact car from Dollar Rent-a-Car. Due to overbooking, I spent my week in a brand new Dodge Durango. Due to their generosity (I like to think of it as my VIP-ness), I won’t be purchasing a new Dodge Durango anytime soon. Was nice but not for me. Didn’t handle very well, didn’t have enough get in exchange for the gas it guzzled, the rear door was a beating to get up/down (imagine with groceries or kid in tow), and I repeatedly had an issue with the driver side door not being able to stay open. Although I will give it a plus for the swerve it handled when the drunk guy in his Dodge Durango tried to match his paint scheme with mine today.

I called the cops on him by the way for it and the other 6 cars he almost hit. And the 8-10 curbs/medians he ran up on in a 6 block drive. For enjoyment I decided to eat lunch at the establishment across the street from the parking lot that he was being administered his sobriety test. Didn’t hurt that they had golden arches either.

I am also saying a little prayer that the right-rear tire decides to hold up for the next few days or at least until somebody else has had a chance to drive it. Apparently even new tires don’t stand much of a chance against coat hangers either. When I found it, I broke off the 7 inches of exposed wire instead of pulling it in hopes that it would magically heal and/or hold air on its own. Some pictures of my whip:





Highlights of the trip: Beach, shorts/flops weather, Mahi-Mahi fish tacos at Dorado’s, gaining a few extra shoots and potential for more down the road, and getting the offer for free/reduced stays from here on out from a new client. Gracias Nirav.

People watching at airports as new planes come in is awesome. What do old guys actually listen to on iPods? Are there actually Andy Williams or Statler Brothers mp3’s?

Question: Are continental breakfasts at the Ramada Inn enough of a reason to skip the most important meal of the day? I think so.

I tired of writing now.


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  1. Mom says:

    Gosh, you are funny!!!! Why don’t you just try writing a newspaper column about your everyday life! It’s much more humorous than Jerry Seinfeld’s! sounds like you had a great trip – is the free stay good for your relatives – I could use a trip to the beach!

  2. Aspen says:

    As always, very entertaining!

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