Christian Ross

no real good excuse

for my lack of attention to this thing, more so probably just a combination of any of the following:
    – no motivation
    – writer’s block
    – laziness
    – way too busy to allot any time
but maybe I’ll make a feeble attempt at writing more often.

random stuff:

setting – temperature: approx 211F; time: a little past my bedtime and a lot past my wife’s; mood: not too bad; possibility of tossing broken laptop keyboard through the window: high

been working quite a bit recently, although the way this week has gone you wouldn’t say that. Alex came through town for a few a few hours Tuesday night. good to see him, wish he could’ve stayed a little longer but know he had to get on down the road.

busy week(end) ahead. Mel to DC. Me to lake house, birthday party for ACM, clean house/prepare lesson for small groups at our house, and small groups at our house. Mel to return Sunday. Me to board plane Wednesday for the beach.

Some recent projects if you’d like to see: (work in progress)
and some others I’d rather not lay claim to…

mood change: taxes

mavs = best record in nba. mavs = no chance if they have to see the suns.

bought a moleskine, maybe I’ll learn to write like Hemingway or draw/paint like Picasso now.

mood: baseball is back. good.

2 responses to “no real good excuse”

  1. Mom says:

    great stuff – especially the part about the work you don’t want to lay claim to! What’s a moleskine? I looked at it, but if you wanted a journal, I could have gotten you one at the Dollar Store for a lot less!

  2. Aspen says:

    I have been checking for updates…finally one has arrived! And you did not disappoint me. Now no more laziness and get to writing.

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