Christian Ross

Name that tune…

Actually I’ll name that tune, you just have to tell me where you know it from:

Perfect Timing by Orba Squara

(If you are having trouble downloading it, first browse better, then/or right-click and hit ‘Save Link As’ or ‘Save Target As’ and drop it on the desktop)

3 responses to “Name that tune…”

  1. Melanie says:

    As usual you’ve stumped me with your incredible (and sometimes totally random) knowledge of music. I haven’t a clue.

  2. Heath says:

    Come on Melanie, you need to keep up with your new technology TV ads. That would be none other than the Apple iPhone ad’s music.

  3. Aspen says:

    Ah yes! I totally knew that. The iPhone, have you gotten yours yet?

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