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My new job: Professional Interviewee

Get paid to go to job interviews:

Boasting over 15,000 people a day signing up, and over 1,000 companies already using the service. Interesting idea. If you’re wondering how they’re going to make money, they are betting on the fact that companies will be more willing to use them to find competent candidates than paying a headhunter.

I used their quick calculator to see what a suggested interview price should be for just a straight graphic designer: $210 per interview

If I could just figure out how to wrap all of my roles into one nice little title, I might be able to forget about working and just work at getting companies to interview me for a living. (via)

One response to “My new job: Professional Interviewee”

  1. Rob says:

    ok…this is helpful.

    So now I officially no longer worry about you working too much.

    You might need to get a life…where do you find this stuff?

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