Christian Ross

Layer Tennis

This week’s Layer Tennis may be the best I have ever watched. Check out all 10 volley’s from Chris Glass & Aaron James Draplin:

There’s lots to love about this match: Aaron’s misspelling of the logo, Chris’ videos and sneak peek behind his process, the first I’ve ever seen players come together for a final product, and Chris’ play on the aforementioned misspelling during Layer 9.

For those in the crowd that aren’t pixel-pushers, Layer Tennis is a Friday afternoon competition put on by Coudal Partners that faces off two different designers each week. Players take turns creating something and then volleying it over to the other to build upon. A third party is also used to narrate the match as it progresses. It’s pretty much nerd-ertainment for a profession that is known for their ability to stroke each others’ egos. Needless to say, I have season tickets.

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