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It’s a Woot-off!

One day, one day only. If you don’t know, learn it.

Woot normally sells one product a day, once it’s gone the day is over. Randomly (seems like about every 30 days), they have a woot-off. When a product sells out, a new one is posted. This keeps going on until they get tired or run out of stuff.

Plenty of things will pass that you don’t want but there are some good deals from time-to-time. We’ve woot’ed a digital camera and mp3 player in the past. Possible chance that we woot a Dyson vacuum when one goes by or maybe if we found a good deal on a new (HD) video camera.

If you are lucky enough to snag a BOC, do it.

Other woot positives:

  • $5 shipping on everything you buy. 60-inch TV? = $5
  • Pretty decent writing skills on the captions. Would be an entertaining job for me
  • Located in Carrolton (north Dallas). Gotta count for something.

Woot yourself something nice.

4 responses to “It’s a Woot-off!”

  1. autumn says:

    I wooted today. I’ve been contemplating getting a new ipod, but hadn’t gotten around to it. Well yesterday they had the one I had been wanting for $135…so I snatched it up!

    Then I read the fine print…refurbished. Ugh.

  2. Christian says:

    I saw that one, actually thought twice about picking one up. It should be fine, the camera we bought was refurbished, worked just fine.

    It’s Apple, their stuff works. Or they’ll make it work.

    Let me know when it gets there, I’ll try and help you fill it up.

  3. autumn says:

    My wooter came in! I didn’t realize how small these new ones actually are. My old one looks like King Kong next to it. Does my old website still work? I can’t remember the link.

  4. Hollee says:

    I didn’t know you were a wooter. I wooted my web cam to talk to Chad in Japan. I love woot!

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