Christian Ross

worth a shot…

I guess this would be my first attempt at bloglife. Not exactly sure what I am attempting to accomplish, I just always seem to find myself thinking “self, you should write about that.”

There are no goals, no intended audience, no cause that I can think of. Just things that I find, think, or see.

Read along if you’re inclined. Who knows how long it will last? Aspen is the expert, and so far the expert communicator, so if you really want something fun, inspiring, and usually heart-felt you should mosey on over to her little place on the web:

Who knows, maybe I’ll try and help her set up a domain and make it official.

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  1. […] or so, I’ve had trouble defining what this is all for. I had no original intentions when I started collecting my thoughts online, it was probably an experiment that had a 50/50 chance of ever making it two months. (Note: Though […]

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