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Happy April 1st

I haven’t participated/done an April Fools joke in a long time mostly because people are pretty aware of the day and if you aren’t the first person to get them on April First, then really don’t stand a chance.

The web world though, seems to be another story. Google, in all of their humor and money, have a long tradition of coming up with new ideas/schemes to trick us all on this first day of April. This year is no exception. Funny thing is, plenty of other sites are joining in the excitement as well.

A few of my fav’s:

  • Google and Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines) starting a colony on Mars, project labeled Virgle.
  • Gmail’s “Custom Time” emails. Adjust the date on your email to resend for issues like missed birthdays.
  • Google Australia’s “gDay with MATE” technology that can predict the news one day in advance.
  • Woot’s woot-off. An all day event of selling the same product over and over. (I’m actually a little tired of this one, they keep filling my RSS reader with the same thing!” And I’m mad that I missed the 3am BOC.
  • And my favorite

  • Rick Roll’ing of all the Featured Videos on YouTube‘s home page. (YouTube, owned by Google; I’ll explain the concept of Rick Roll’ing later)
    • If you care enough to see some others (plenty of lesser known sites) seems like most are being documented here.







      or here. Happy April Fools.

5 responses to “Happy April 1st”

  1. Craig says:


    I must admit I am disappointed that I am not mentioned in your articles….Its like you and I never existed….Those cold mornings riding to school on your bike did not mean as much to you as they did to me…..I hear they got a Starbucks at LCU now, thats crap….All we had was the freaking sub where they made nasty food….but wait oh no would not want to upset powers to just gets a little old being one step behind all the time…sure we were the best class that “LCU” ever had, but wouldn’t it be nice if it happened while I was drinking my Starbucks coffee and sitting in my newly built dorm room…no that is too much to ask because I had to worry about getting gang green while I am showering….seriously why does Microsoft want to install automatic updates and restart my computer every morning….I have to ask them to Restart Later and 5 more minutes every morning..please…please…please…feel like I am a little kid wanting to stay up late….why isn’t their a lawsuit against Microsoft about just being really annoying…i mean we get it, you are updating your software…congrats….i am fine with the old software…its cool Bill….i will just hang out with Messenger 6 for now….

    Anyways you are a racist and thanks for thinking of me..


  2. Melanie says:

    I tagged you on my blog for the Seven Random Things game, so if you want to play, you’re it! 🙂

  3. Christian says:

    No. You can keep your ‘fill-out-my-chain-letter-in-3-days-and-pass-it-on-to-ten-friends-or-your-skin-will-melt-off’ game. Thanks for thinking of me. Hope your skin doesn’t melt off.

  4. autumn says:

    I just tagged you too. Do you really want to risk BOTH of our skins melting off? I didn’t think so.

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