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guys who love what they do…

I’ll start by making an educated guess that of the vast majority (read all 7 of you) of visitors/readers of my little slice of the Internet know very little about RSS. For that I apologize, and one day soon I will either write/draw up a little something for you to catch you up or swing by your house and set you up. RSS has really changed the way I use the Internet and ultimately could change your ways too.

In short, RSS brings the web to me instead of me chasing it down. With all of the different sites I like to keep an eye on, it could be easy to forget to check any number of them every now and then to see if they have been updated. RSS does the work for you, it checks regularly to see if anything new has changed on the sites it is set to watch and then notifies you easily in any number of ways. Email, feed reader, desktop widget, Google gadget, cell phone, etc…

All of that to say, one of the reads (RSS) I follow is a guy who just moved from Dallas to Boston to work for a young Myspace/Facebook replacement called Virb° (This isn’t a product placement for those concerned, I have an account to none of the aforementioned). He goes by the name Joshua Blankenship and has good taste in design. Sometimes I rip stuff off from him, so Josh, if you ever read this – my apologies in advance.

A week or two ago he posted some images of the Virb° brain-trust in their offices trying to do some work. Instead of working they decided they would play a little bit with their new handy new iPhone’s and ultimately started quite a stir on the net. From his little page to The Big Noob and then off to Digg and now it seems to have covered everywhere and been covered everywhere. Figured I’d plug it as well. I don’t have AT&T, thus no iPhone, but if I did I would probably rip this off from Josh as well. Good on ya.

Pictures below:


Joshua iTrapped


Simmy iTrapped


Matt Rubin iTrapped

guys who love what they do…

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  1. Aspen says:

    HAHA! Very funny and brilliant. Don’t underestimate who reads your blog. Today…just got a comment from Jack Ingram. He seemed a little put out that I wrote in my blog that he was drunk on stage. Oopsie! HA!

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