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for Tacia Aspen…

read through this here weblog at all and you will notice that one of my few consistent readers is my cousin Aspen. She herself is an accomplished blogger and has plenty of good things to say. I hadn’t noticed though (til she brought it to my attention) that apparently she has a much wider readership than I can claim. Upon a recent getaway to ALB, she and her uber-talented husband Logan were able to enjoy a concert of Brad Paisley/Jack Ingram and others. According to Aspen, Jack Ingram was a bit inebriated on stage and she happened to mention it in her write-up of the show.

Apparently, Jack Google’s. And he didn’t really take too kindly to being called out on it. You can read it all here. His comments are at the bottom. Way to go Aspen, you’re reaching celebrity status.

One response to “for Tacia Aspen…”

  1. Aspen says:

    I am not sure I like the “celebrity” status. My face got red and my stomach sunk when I read his comment. Hum, should I write my first “retraction” on the blog? HAHA! Logan and I are still convinced he was a little tipsy regardless of what he says. So funny!

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