Christian Ross

Design is (almost) always in the details

Just noticed a small little detail in my OS X Dock this afternoon that I had never noticed before. Not only did the designers at Apple take the time to design beautiful elements at the top level, they also took into account how they wanted the elements to interact with other things on the page.

The icon above the dock is a .PNG file of a theme I have been designing for WordPress recently. I have always noticed (and loved) that most of the icons on the desktop show what the file actually looks like instead of having just a standard .JPG or .DOC icon. What I hadn’t noticed before today is the fact that they were so detail oriented that they built in a reflection aspect off of the Dock for things in its proximity.

The image below is a screen shot of just an icon near it but it also works work open windows near the Dock as well. If you look below the icon on the left it has reflected the name of the WP_theme icon above it. Beautiful.

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