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Custom lettering

I’ve never been good with a pencil/sketchpad but about 4-5 months ago something spurred me on to sketch out a couple of letters that were in my mind on a Post-it. I spent a few days staring at them stuck to my desk when I finally decided to create the entire alphabet in my notebook. There they sat for a long while. Tired of letting projects like this fall by the waste side, this past Sunday afternoon I scanned them in.

Illustrator users would punch me in the face for not using the live-trace tool but I actually traced each one by hand into vector shapes. One, because I’ve only used the live-trace a time or two before and I couldn’t quickly remember how, and the other, because I wanted to see exactly what it took to dive into a task like this all by (digital) hand.

Every letter has now been traced and is sitting as a digital file on my computer. My ultimate goal is to turn it into an actual, usable font but honestly I have no idea of what I am doing or have even gotten myself into. I’d also love to be able to do at least two different versions, one sketched and one cleaned up. We’ll see.

Thought I’d at least share the progress so far as well as a random image I stumbled across the other day that might have been what spurred my action on this project once again.

ABCs step 1 - sketch to vector
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Shoes Shoes Shoes

In unrelated news to anything I’ve ever produced, I saw these sketched and painted pieces the other day by Jeff Rogers and I haven’t closed that tab since. I keep going back to them only to be floored by the detail work in each one. I’d also recommend looking at his other pieces as well for a bit more inspiration.

Jeff Rogers illustration - Shoes Shoes Shoes

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