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Complete freedom

When I am slightly more coherent, my plan is to make a little bit longer of a write-up. Until then, welcome to my new Internet home. It has been a long time coming. Far too long. The freedom I speak of was the ability to create what I wanted, exactly the way I wanted it. I was the client.

The quick skinny:

  • Built from the ground up. No template here.
  • Minimalist design with the possibility of small tweaks coming here and there.
  • Haven’t even touched IE6 yet to test. Please don’t look at it in IE6. Better yet, quit using IE6
  • No, your eyes aren’t bugging out, the posts actually fade in color as they get older.
  • Fair amount of JavaScript, CSS, JQuery and magic dust to get everything the way I wanted it
  • More changes likely. It was at a usable stage and I was tired of the other one, so I posted it.

Feel free to comment, criticize, suggest or point out bugs below.

One thing of note, I really neglected my users with my previous site. For that, I apologize. One issue that comes to mind? I wrote an entire post on how to use RSS and then never once posted a link to my feed.

You can now easily (hopefully) subscribe to my stuff over on the right. Or here.

Thank you to my wife and son for their understanding the last week and a half while I spent far too many hours banging away at my keyboard just to hit this point.

More to come…

5 responses to “Complete freedom”

  1. Melanie says:

    Cool…I really like it…the fading thing is impressive. You do great work.

  2. Aspen says:

    Love the new look! My one criticism would be that my name is now officially Aspen Marshall. Guess it has been for over 7 years now. HA!

    Other than that…Mel is right…you DO do great work!

  3. Christian says:

    @Aspen: YOU GOT MARRIED?

    @both: Gracias

  4. Craig Swan says:

    You could of mentioned my birthday….. You racist…

    I love you!


  5. Christian says:

    Happy late birthday, C! Had total intentions of sending you a note yesterday for it. Had no intentions of writing about it here. Congrats on ruining my plan.

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