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blogging from the dr. office… update #2

Have I ever mentioned I love technology? Mel and I are sitting here from the Dr. office lobby and just passed the 1 hour and 15 minute mark. Two blood drawings down and two to go, and one or two more shakes. Meanwhile, I’ve answered all of the morning emails, checked the news, updated a client’s website, and in the process of working on the next.

All the while connecting to the internet on my laptop, through my phone, one end of the headphones in my right ear (mel has the left) playing the entire mp3 format of Jack’s Live Earth set from Sydney, Australia last week. Add to that a quick blog, picture taken from my phone emailed to my laptop and uploaded to flickr, and I am soon realizing that my goal of working with my rear permanently planted on a beach chair isn’t so far out of reach.

We’ll keep you posted, 2 hours to go…

doctor's office


Update from melanie:

We’re now two whole hours into the three hour glucose tolerance test. Has anyone else thought…wow, Christian is an awesome husband for sitting in an OB/GYN office with his pregnant wife for 3 hours? Yeah…me too. He’s a trooper and hasn’t even complained one time. I’m a very lucky lady…when it comes to my husband that is…not so much with having to get stuck with a needle 4 times in a three hour period. My left arm is very bruised, but so far my right arm seems to be holding up pretty well. We’ll see how it looks tomorrow. 3 down, 1 to go. We’ll be out of here by 11ish and then go get something to eat. I’m starving!!!



she’s back in the needle-room for one last drawing. my dedication as a spouse ends at the blood-room door. won’t see any test results today but the last one didn’t take more than a day or two to come back.

again, technology is great. better than the hair magazine that mel subjected herself to. I was able to bill about 2.5 hours worth of work sitting in a random location in a semi-comfortable chair. time to eat.

2 responses to “blogging from the dr. office… update #2”

  1. Aspen says:

    HA! How did humanity survive without the technology we have today? We will never know…

    Can’t wait for the update. I hope everything turns out well. You both look fantastic. Love you guys!

  2. Christian says:

    Looks like you’re busy at work…

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