Christian Ross

Another .com = real estate reference

Similar to owning a house, in the web business, you become easily tied to your web host. Fortunately, I bought good when I got in. In both house and web hosting.

Unfortunately, being tied to my host as much as I am, I don’t have a whole lot of choice when places like Media Temple offer what they do. I really don’t have any idea about their service or up-time (both key ingredients in the web business) but I do know that they do their best to look like the best hosting company out there. And offer things I have never seen from a web host. Like gift cards for the holidays.

The Hosting Card - Media Temple

Again, worth noting, I cannot use this. Please don’t add it to your Christmas list for me. With over 50 domains and sites tied to the company I currently use, I’d be committing career suicide by attempting to move it all. It’s just beautiful, innovative, and what businesses should strive for in their field: to stand out from the crowd.

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