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Am I a domain squatter?

Note: If you haven’t read my rant on domain squatters, you might want to catch up

Argument reasons FOR me being a domain squatter:

  • I made money by selling 4 domains I had owned since 2005.
  • I searched the Internet looking for the candidates I thought best suited for them
  • I emailed 4 separate businesses with my offer
  • I spent 3 years building them into a first place ranking in Google

Reasons AGAINST:

  • They were used for a legitimate business/website
  • I only made $75 total on the sale of all 4 (this doesn’t really absolve me but it does show that I wasn’t out to price gouge)
  • They were set to expire in 10 days and they would have then gone back to the open market
  • Within 3 minutes of my emails going out, I received a response and an offer to purchase them all

Your thoughts? Am I a domain squatter or was this a legitimate business transaction?

Also worth following up on, I contacted the person in previous domain squatting post about acquiring said domain and it is not for sale. I suppose that releases him from the lowly level that he was thought of as a domain squatter but it doesn’t release him from the fact that I’d still rather place blame on him than myself. It’s the American way.

Now go vote.


EDIT: It should be noted that the business in question is no longer doing business. The owner passed away over a year ago and I decided against running them out for sale right after the fact. It should also be noted that I am thankful that both Texas and Virginia decided they needed towns named Roanoke. Anyone doing business outside of a town of the same name wouldn’t have had much use for them.

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