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20 signs you don’t want that web project

Nice list from Jeffrey Zeldman. Dealt with a few of them before but #2 is far and away the funniest thing on the list:

Client shows you around the factory, introducing you to all his employees. Then, behind closed doors, tells you: “If you do a bad job with this website, I’m going to have to let these people go.”

Comical, but sad in the fact that some feel like this is a business model that works. The “if you build it, they will come” mentality in business is a scary slope to be on, IMO. Just because you pay me to build you a pretty website, it doesn’t guarantee that your numbers will go up. It takes commitment, work, monitoring, tweaking and constant re-evaluation.

Note: Sometimes I finish writing something and realize the old saying – when you point your finger, there’s three pointing back at you – can sting pretty bad.

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