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12 and counting…

Although it has been basketball season for a month now, it hasn’t necessarily felt like it. Even if I have watched a majority of games played thus far, I haven’t been struck down with Mavs fever, yet. I think I can attribute the slow climb into full on basketball form to two main reasons: The 2006 NBA Finals and Tony Romo.

The Mavs foray into the finals last season upped the standards. Fans now know that it is attainable and not too much in the regular season matters other than staying healthy and gelling as a team. As of tonight, I think I can safely say that the Mavs are working pretty well as a team. After starting the season 0-4, they have come together to rattle off 12 straight victories and solidify themselves as an early contender again this year.

The other reason I, and many others in the ‘chicken-fried nation,’ are a little slow to reign in basketball season is the emergence of Tony Romo and the fact that the Cowboys have given us to cheer for something in December. Its about time. Parcels has had enough time to get ‘his’ players and system in place over the last four years. Its time to shine. For those who haven’t been ‘Romo’genized, get on the bandwagon now. The guy has that indescribable moxy needed to lead the Cowboys back to their spot as America’s team. Best of all, he does it with a smile on. He almost looks like he heads out there every time to play a pick-up game of sandlot football. And trust me, if you’re picking players for your sandlot team, Romo needs to be on your list.

Just got back from SPI yesterday. Shot some tours, tried to scrounge up some new business. ‘Tis nice to have a job that not only allows you, but pays you to go to the beach. Weather permitting, I will be drowning in Dramamine Monday morning as I head to Branson, MO in one of technology’s (not so) finer creations:


Pray for me as I white knuckle it to and from ‘Geriatric Vegas’ early next week. If all goes well, I will be front and center of Boxcar Willie or Andy Williams by evening time.

Nothing exciting to say, headed to bed.

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