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Writing Assignment: Tell a Lie

I was recently introduced to the blog of Randy Murray by dot-comrade Aaron Mahnke. From what I’ve picked up, Randy has come to the freelance writing game after years in the corporate race. As one who schemes often on how to better my writing as well as promote my writing services more freely, being introduced to First Today, Then Tomorrow has been a nice treat.

On Fridays, Randy throws up a little writing assignment for his readers. I’ve only done one (and yes, it’s two weeks behind) but it was a fun little task. Last night as I lay in bed, I pecked away at my iPad to see if I could handle the assignment. The assignment was to “write a complete fabrication of your educational background,” and turned out to be a bit more tricky than I originally anticipated.

Feel free to read my short entry below, check out the other entries or even take a moment to write one of your own in the comments section here (or at Randy’s) – it’s actually kind of cathartic.

It’s a common thought that being the youngest comes with many perks. Freedom from many of the rules your siblings might have been held accountable too, ease of access into certain groups due to previous admission of said siblings and even the opportunity to garner the most family attention as they all know you are the last in the lineage. This however, in my opinion, is an oft-abused misconception. As the youngest of four I would offer that life isn’t exactly handed to you on a silver platter for just bringing up the rear. Especially when the three oldest are successful in each of their respective fields.

I can’t pinpoint exactly whether it was the lack of adherence on my parents’ part to their own ruleset or the extremely high standards set before me that aided me in my journey to my current residential status. If I were on the outside today, I would be in my second year of law school and on my way to prosecuting idiots like myself but instead I spend my days polishing my skills through outdated textbooks just to have a chance to defend my actions in a court of law. Shame on me.

While it won’t be as quickly as my parents’ had hoped, I’ll get it right one of these days.

If you’re not into telling lies, maybe today’s assignment of Writing a Classified Ad is more up you’re alley.

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