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When political correctness backfires…

I don’t have any idea who the American Family Association is nor have I ever heard of their website but by the looks of it, they are a very far right, Christian conservative group. In fact upon a current visit to their site, the lead story is a call from their founder about boycotting McDonald’s over their ‘refusal to be neutral in the cultural war over homosexuality.’ I am guessing this is a pretty common style of story for this site.

Side note for a moment: I appreciate good moral stances. But I also feel that there are some who take things a little too far. Keep following…

After a little reading today, I have learned that the OneNewsNow is a news aggregator of AP stories and other news sources. Great. Congrats. Another news site. Except for the fact that OneNewsNow has been caught on more than one occasion blocking stories and even modifying them in some instances.

One of the ways that they modify stories is to set up filters/rules to do search & replaces in the articles that come through. In some instances I can see where this could be a benefit; Editorial or op-ed pieces that might come through with inappropriate language or subject matter might be toned down for the OneNewsNow audience. I would be concerned on their part for some copyright issues but I don’t work for them nor read their material so it isn’t worth my time or effort to research it any more.

What is worth my time, was what came across my desk today.

In the AFA/OneNewsNow’s attempt to either keep it clean or politically correct, they got it wrong. Good thing is, wrong in this situation is funny-haha, not funny-gonna-end-up-in-court. Hopefully.

The Olympic trials are currently going on in several sports. Swimming, Bass Fishing, Bowling, Track & Field and many others. ONN (tired of typing here) seems to be covering the trials and the results pretty well. And of course filtering every story that comes through. Including replacing any location of the word GAY with the synonym HOMOSEXUAL.

I don’t guess there’s too much wrong with the aforementioned auto-replacement on articles… until Tim Gay, a United States Olympic hopeful, runs a 9.85 second time to win the 100 meter race. I think you get the idea…

Tim Homosexual


In fact a quick search brought up several stories about Tim over the span of a couple days:

Tim Homosexual - ONN search


Even worse, this isn’t the first time it has happened to ONN. The NBA draft saw the Memphis Grizzlies picking early on a couple of weeks ago looking for a star player to play right along side their young stud, Rudy Gay.

Rudy Homosexual - OneNewsNow


At the time of this posting, ONN had resolved the issues above. Probably by hand. Maybe they should spend a little time looking into their methods or their algorithms, the current ones seem to have a few flaws. Either way, high comedy all around.

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  1. Aspen says:

    Great headline for the story. “Homosexual eases into 100 final at Olympic Trials”

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