Christian Ross

Week End; Recommend

We’ve been in super-hunker-down-and-deliver mode here at the office the last couple of weeks but thought I’d at least throw out a few things that have pulled our attention for a moment or two.

  • How Far is it to Mars? – It’s a really long ways.
  • Uuni – The Revolutionary (in home) Wood-Fired Pizza Oven – On back-order now but you better believe I’m getting in line
  • While most of the news media is wrapped up in whether or not North Korea can fire accurate missiles more than 30 yards, I’m more intrigued with the fact that the women are encouraged by the state to choose from one of the 18 officially sanctioned hairstyles. Shown below in a display on the wall of a salon in the capital. I’m trying to decide between 6 and 7 below for my lovely bride:

North Korean ladies hairstyles

  • I’m not a huge thrill-seeker type of person but I do enjoy cringing and watching other nutso’s do their thing. There’s so many in the YouTube channel of Devin Graham to choose from that narrowing them down to post here was a challenge. The first video below is something I’ll never do. The second is one that I am considering starting a Kickstarter for my birthday just to be able to purchase one of these incredible machines by summer.


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