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This is news?

How and when did we ever cross the line that these two should actually be getting face time?

phat pig     the rug

I don’t watch much reality TV, but I would ‘SUID’ my TiVo for a cage-match between the two. I’m pretty sure she/it would win but it’s yet to be known if that rug on his head is actually dead. If not, I’d take the points on Trump w/a cougar.

In other news, unless you’ve been under a rock for a week or you’ve never heard of the Internet (don’t worry, it’s just a fad), you have had to have seen the coverage over the new iPhone:

cut those things...

Here’s my take: cool phone, built in iPod but not a lot of space, too expensive, don’t want cingular, not sure about the keyboard situation. The above photo was one from the Steve Jobs presentation at Macweek2007. After the first glance at the phone, check the hand model. Somebody needs to buy that guy some fingernail clippers. I think I see something growing under there.

Speaking of Jobs, he gets built up like a saint compared to Gates but have you caught wind about the lawsuit over the iPhone name? Jobs (and Apple) knew that it had been trademarked in 2001 by Cisco (another big company w/money). After several attempts to work out a solution to use the name Apple decided just to go ahead with it. Cisco sued on the spot. The only problem is, Jobs formed an entirely different company to use the name. It’s not under Apple. So, When Cisco goes after them there wont be anything to get. No money. Sorry Cisco, sucks to be you.


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  1. Aspen says:

    I have pondered this thought as well. Rosie v. Trump…now that’s a good match! Throw those two in an ultimate fighting ring and let ’em loose. That’s reality TV at it’s finest!

    I had heard about all the name issues with the IPhone, but I have not heard about all that background. Great research my friend. And pretty darn funny!

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