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I have no idea why I sign up for the things that I do. I’ve done a bit of writing this week which possibly spurred me on to this one. If you have any interest in getting randomly sent emails that are probably even more random in content than they are timing, feel free to give me your digits below.

Or visit my awesome TinyLetter page at to see that this whole thing might just potentially be legit.

Yes, it’s pretty much going to be spam. But it will be subscribed spam instead of the kind you get from Nigeria.

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Read & Trust

Not sure if you ever get all the way down to the footer on this site but if you do, you might have noticed a new little logo. Filtering through the noise for good reads can often be a challenge, so when Aaron Mahnke approached me with his idea for a new site to aid in the process, I jumped at it.

Read & TrustLaunching just this week, Read & Trust has a goal of “gathering the best independent writers available” and ultimately creating a curated recommendation system to allow you to find quality content across a myriad of topics. I am absolutely humbled to be a part of the initial launch and can highly recommend any and all of the writers I have been afforded the opportunity to be grouped with.

I love the fact that such a variety of content can be consumed from one location and the fact that I know all of it will be of the highest quality. In contrast, I’m scared of the fact that now I’ve got to raise my own game just to be considered in the same ballpark as the rest of these guys. Speaking of, the current list is pretty Y-chromosome heavy, if there’s a quality recommendation out there for female writers I’d be interested in checking out their work. Send me a note or let me know on Twitter.

I recommend you take a bit of time to run through each one to figure out what they offer. If you’re game, they’ve even created a way to subscribe to all of them at once.