Christian Ross

A Fashionable Thursday

Spring has almost sprung. Yes, I realize that most of those to the north of me are still experiencing brutally cold weather, nice changes are in effect in my neighborhood including a nice string of lower 70°F days. Now is the time to be on the look for winter sale items since stores are stocking their shelves with shorts and swimwear.

A quick browse through Gilt this week found a few gems that could work well on most any man. Sadly, since Gilt is almost a deal-a-day type place, you have to act fast before the deals are gone.

Ben Sherman – Shawl Collar Pullover

Perfect for dressing up a bit or just hanging out on the back patio with buddies. Bonus: front pocket for holding your cigs… err gum.

Ben Sherman Shawl Collar Pullover (more…)