Christian Ross

What Should a 4-Year Old Know?

I’m not sure where I stumbled across this article – What Should a 4-Year Old Know? – but it’s been in my Instapaper account for a short while now. Coincidentally, through the magic of Twitter, I was able to eavesdrop a conversation a week or two ago between a couple of buddies chatting about learning levels of children. The timing of it was spot on for things I was processing in my mind and it was interesting to see it all from the outside looking in.

Like any decent parent, I desire better things for my kids; I want them to excel in their studies, take ownership of their faith, and yes, it’d even be nice to see both of them with a tad more athleticism than I can boast of. The problem is, I regularly slide into a rut of thinking that there is a benchmark they should be exceeding when seeing other kids do certain things. (more…)