Christian Ross

A Fashionable Thursday

Admitting publicly – like I am about to do – that I follow several blogs related to fashion ultimately raises my rating on the gay-ness scale one full notch. One notch doesn’t sound like that much until you realize that the scale only goes to seven. I’m not at seven yet but I might have just crossed the half-way point.

For a while now, I’ve been following and star-ing some of the things that catch my eye in my reader and I decided it was finally time to do something with them. I can’t afford any of them so I might as well share them with everyone else in hopes that the gifts will start flowing.

We’ll see how long I can last in up-keeping a regular posting schedule of a theme. My previous attempt fell quite short.

Rules: There are no rules. If I like it, it has a chance of making the cut. Some, but not all will be higher-end dress related and most of anything posted will be looks I could only hope to attain but more than likely couldn’t pull off. Feel free to submit your finds here, they might just make this highly prestigious list. (more…)