Christian Ross

A wonderful surprise

I started coaching baseball to introduce my boys to the greatness that is America’s pastime and to be able to connect to them through something that we could participate in together. Little did I know how much other good could come from it. Through baseball we’ve been able to minister to others, form new/lasting relationships, test our own faith, learn (more) patience, hone our parenting skills, learn to communicate better, and to navigate the murky waters of organizational politics; I’m sure there’s plenty more.

I’ve also had the ability to connect with a bunch of boys who at 4-8 years old may or may not be sure about themselves, their abilities, their desire for playing a team sport, or even have much confidence in general. We’ve won titles and had seasons where we came in somewhere close to last place and yet every season we walk off with our heads held high and smiles on our faces.

I’ve coached with some great guys – guys who I’d go to battle for every day. I’ve coached with some crazies as well; they’ve all taught me something.

Seasons Change
Many times you don’t realize what you’ve learned until you take a moment to step away and examine; while I’m not ready to step away from baseball yet, our situation will probably change a little going forward. This fall will most likely be the first time our baseball family we call the Grapevine Horn Frogs will not field a team in something like 6 or 7 seasons. Most of us already new it but I hadn’t really taken the time to process it properly yet. It’s very bittersweet.

My goal has always been to teach respect, good character, and integrity to some young folks (and sometimes their parents) through the game of baseball. Little did I know what all I might learn from them.

This weekend I was rewarded with a gift much more fulfilling than a gift card or a night out on the town. My Frog family got together without my knowledge and put together a small token of their appreciation for me, they did a great job. Feel free to take 5 minutes and enjoy a few of the knuckleheads I’ve had the pleasure of being around the last 4 years.

Go Frogs.


[Free] Baseball Tickets

Never polled the reading audience to see how many baseball fans there are, but if you’re local (or can get here) I’ve got a pair of decent tickets to see the Texas Rangers take on the NY Mets on Friday, June 24th if you’re interested.

The Rangers are currently in 1st place in the AL West and despite a recent 2-game fail on their part at the hands of the Tigers, they look pretty good.

While I make no guarantees, there’s a 100% chance you’ll catch a home run off the bat of either Ian Kinsler or Adrian Beltre in these seats. Section 8, Row 12 face value at $30 each.

Here’s a picture from the exact seats of your viewing angle that I took the last day I played for the team. You will notice that for nine half innings, you will be getting the glorious backside view of the reigning AL MVP, Josh Hamilton. Your lady-friend will thank me.

Josh Hamilton's Rear

I tried to think up a slick contest to make this a little more fun but frankly, my brain is mush and I haven’t the time to keep up with some crazy tweet-this-to-win or keep-your-hand-on-the-car deal to make it more interesting. Fact is, if you win them, you’ll actually be lucky enough just to see the game due to the reality that I might forget to give them to you between now and then.

No-brainer contest

1. Be a Rangers fan. Not a Mets fan. Everybody hates the Mets.

2. Email me or tweet me a photo of your Claw and/or Antlers. Fun pictures preferred. All G-rated please. Feel free to use your kids/pets/props or whatever else you need to win my love.

3. Be available to go to the game. I could easily throw them on StubHub for a few bucks but I wanted to give somebody else the opportunity to enjoy at no cost. There’s nothing stopping you from winning and selling them on your own other than your guilt-stricken conscience will probably eat a hole through your brain until one day where I find you lying on my doorstep grovelling for forgiveness and for me to loose the chains of your soul-crushing pain. At that point, I might consider it but it’d be a whole lot easier for you to pass them on if you end up not being able to go. Up to you.

So, if you’re in the market to see some free baseball, hit me up. Email, Comment or Tweet me your photo, if it’s good enough (or you’re the only entry) they’re yours.



Update: Will add any entries I receive after the click through to see what you’re up against… (more…)

The Alan Penner baseball tour

Recently, JetBlue offered an All You Can Jet deal that let you fly as many times as you wanted during a month’s period for $600. @melanieross and I looked into it briefly but they don’t actually fly to Dallas so we would have had to drive Austin/Houston each time we wanted to go anywhere. Sweet deal for those who could capitalize on it.

Alan Penner was able to, and he’s doing it right. Scheduling a 10-city, baseball tour across the nation and catching 13 games along the way. Not sure how many times he’s found floorspace or a couch, but I’d guess you could do it all for around $1000.

Alan, consider me slightly jealous.