Christian Ross


In my ever-losing battle to purchase the .com version of my name, I attempted again last night to see if the person in control of it would be willing to part with it. He was kind enough to respond today with an asking price only slightly higher than his first. OK, double.

The dirty, money-grubbing European let me know today that he would be willing to part with the domain (that he uses for absolutely nothing) for the low, low fee of 10,000 €. Yep, 10,000 €. Or $14,658 at the current exchange rate.

Seriously? For a domain of just a person’s name? Remember, it’s not like I’ve been given the fortune of having a celebrity name like Michael Bolton or Barack Obama.

I’m not trying to pick up here, just the .com version of my own name.

What’s even more insane is that in the last 6 months he has fallen to the third or fourth page on Google and now wants more money. Not a great business model.

So, Mr. I-plan-on-retiring-on-the-sale-of-one-useless-domain-name, you can keep your fancy domain name. Or you can accept my offer of $50 and a pint of your favorite ale for it. I might even consider giving you 50 ‚Ǩ since the value of the dollar is so low right now but it’d better be after a quick note to say that your original request was just some lame attempt at European humor.

Or you can take your bloated pricing structure up the road a few miles from my house and see if the emo-Christian rocker in Frisco would be willing to pony up for your ridiculous offer. If is wasn’t for his girl-pants wearing, eye-liner sporting myspace page I’d be number one in search anyways.

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