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quick hits

this was going to be a decent post, until I hit the wrong button and erased everything. now you get the condensed version.

They say problems come in threes. I wish. Who are ‘they’ anyways? The list keeps growing:

1. Lightning and all the damage it caused
2. Mel’s car – replaced CV-axle
3. Mel’s car – noticed oil leak
4. Central AC/Heat goes out – thanks to 3-week late lawn guys
5. Flooded bedroom floor – never one to complain about rain, just don’t like it in my house

Ready for a break.

Who is Ron Paul (wiki)? I don’t know a lot about him, but what I have seen I like. To see what he has to say (hopefully), catch the GOP debate on CNN Tuesday evening. Maybe they will do a better job with this one than they did with the dems. Unequal time and 3rd grader-ish hand raising questions made Wolf Blitzer look dumb. Doesn’t take much.

I am looking to gain more info on Mr. Paul if anyone has insight to him. He is gaining huge buzz on the Internet. Will be interesting to see how that translates to TV, print media, and mass majority.

more to come…

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