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On Changing Courses

When I was in college, my roommates and I lived and worked at the same place. The rent was cheap and the place was a bachelor’s dream. Four of us occupied about one-fourth of the square-footage above a print shop but still had plenty of space to stretch out. Our carpet was a mix & match of random samples, our shower was tetanus shot waiting to happen and we had no real AC in an area of the county that you definitely shouldn’t be without. We loved it.

Our landlord/boss was a small business owner who somehow came into the printing world from Big 6 accounting. His learning curve was definitely trial-by-fire but I admired him for his desire to make it work. He was there every day and save for a few flare-ups of his micro-managing style, I really felt like he had what it took to make the business succeed.

Knowing this, I was shockingly amused every time he’d remind us of the one simple rule he had for us; the tenants living above his place of business. We were warned more times than I can count on one hand that if we ever happened to catch anything in the building on fire1 our only responsibility was to, “fight the firefighters.” It’s both an entertaining statement and an insightful look into what he valued.

This all came back to me as I settled in to watch my favorite NFL team once again this evening. If it wasn’t clear before, it has been solidified tonight that it’s about time for the Dallas Cowboys to “fight the firefighters.” A team of much talent matters little if there’s no leadership or cohesiveness among them. Sadly, a firing of the head coach wouldn’t even come close to solving the problem this time. The owner – who many once believed cared about winning – has finally proven to me that his ego and desire for the spotlight matters far more.

Not often do you hope for losses but from this point out, I’m rooting for 1-15. It’s about the only chance we have at seeing big changes. Anybody else ready to fight the firefighters?

Go Rangers.

1In three years, only once did we have a fire and thankfully it went without incident.

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  1. Alowetta says:

    Many memories of that humble living arrangement; not all of them bad. Mostly just the shower.

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