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(not so) Quick hits

Best. Business Card. Ever.

It works for txgeeks but not so much for my name. Not even my full name. That takes me to some myspace for an emo Christian rocker from Frisco, TX. Guess I have some work to do. Admission time, how many of you have actually Google’d yourself? That’s what I thought. More and more it will become a necessity to know what Google says about you. Better make sure your net profile is up to par…


I can’t imagine how in 2007 this is an allowable practice for a website. Didn’t this go away circa 1995?


And yes, I was actually visiting a site called Call it research.


RGOW: My Random Google of the past couple of Weeks turned up more than I expected. Explanation: I catch a show pretty regularly on the Food Network called Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello.

Been watching the guy for a couple of years and about every other episode I end up questioning ‘partner gender’ preference. He wears a ring but you never can tell these days. Most of the time I would cut him slack with thoughts of, ‘he’s from Northern California,’ ‘he’s a chef,’ ‘he just a metro.’ and so forth. Finally one day I decided to see what good old Mr. Google had to say about it.

Much to my surprise (yes Mel, that is the correct spelling of surprise) and enjoyment I am not the first person to ever question the orientation of Mr. Chiarello nor take it to the web to find out more. In fact a quick search returned a fantastic list of about 23,600 entries. Knowing that the majority of these actually don’t count and include searches of ‘michael,’ ‘chiarello,’ and ‘gay’ as well; I was still pleased to find several right up top with the same query (no pun intended).

The first one on the list to me to some blogger that goes by the name Armchair Cook. Ms. Armchair Cook apparently spent some time wrestling with the same question in Jan 2006 over the ‘well dressed, one-too-many-buttons-open-on-my-shirt’ TV personality. You can read her post to get it all but she proves his preference for women from an article in 2005 in the SF Chronicle which includes the following quote:

These grapes make the wine for yet one more undertaking — Chiarello Family Vineyards. Losing the grapes would have been an intensely personal loss since each of the four vineyards is named after the women in his life: wife, Eileen, and daughters Felicia, Margoux and Giana. It is a second marriage for Chiarello.

Congrats, I have my answer.

Now, this wouldn’t be that great of a Google find if I didn’t include the rest. I can’t really say why I spent anymore time on the Armchair Cook’s page once I found my answer, but I did. I noticed at the bottom of the article that it had about 30 responses to it and so I skimmed. Until I reached number 10. At comment number 10 the Easy Entertainer himself checks in. That’s right, Michael Chiarello has enough time to answer questions on “joe somebody’s” blog about his own sexuality. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Talk about unintentional comedy at its highest! Not only that, but he posts a second time 5 minutes later to qualify even further! His claim is that it was brought to his attention by his web team but I’m calling that into question, Michael, you did the same thing we’ve all done. You Google’d yourself.

Here’s his responses:

At Monday, April 17, 2006 9:48:00 PM, M. Chiarello said…

Sorry to let you all down..but I am straight…with a wife and four wonderful kids. I have always believed that because I choose to be in the public eye that my family would remain private. No boy friends on the side (girl friends either for that matter)A simple love for great food and wine and all that love the same. And all of you are right…if I was and wanted to come out…N. Cal would be easy ( and forgiving…as it should be)

I hope you all keep watching and surround your table with those you love.

M. Chiarello


At Monday, April 17, 2006 9:53:00 PM, M. Chiarello said…

Thanks for all the interest folks. After my web team at my business NapaStyle mentioned they ran across your blog I thought I would do the unthinkable and answer myself.

Married, 4 wonderful kids and straight. Having grown up in the restaurant business and N. Cal (if I was gay) coming out would not have been a problem. Just a simple country guy cook, farmer with a passion for food, wine and caring for my friends and family with both around the table. No girl (or boy) friends.

I appriciate your comments and respect your blog rights just thought I would way in and leave some time for Dave Lieberman on your blog…he’s the new guy on the network.

M. Chiarello

Awesome. Google does it again. Seems like a nice guy but also seems like he is a little too worried about what I (and apparently many others) think. Also funny to note that he throws Dave Lieberman under the bus. Well, Michael, if you’re ever Googling again and need to poke your head in on my site, feel free. I’m not questioning your orientation anymore but I still question your choice of number of buttons, buttoned on your shirt.

3 responses to “(not so) Quick hits”

  1. Aspen says:

    Other than the obvious Aspen Colorado hits, this is what I found…

    I found it to be quite humorous. I can honestly say, I have never googled my name. Now, I have!

  2. Christian says:

    Awesome, you’re hott!

    I can’t think of a person more opposite from you! 5’7″ tall, throws shot put, has a brother named La’Vail, and has an apparent love of watermelon. Among the other things that might differentiate you both…

  3. Hurner says:

    I doubt the authenticity of the entries by “M. Chiarello.” Firstly the fact that there are two nearly identical posts submitted five minutes apart is suspect. Secondly, the
    poor punctuation, grammar and spelling are uncharacteristic:

    “just thought I would way [sic] in and leave some time for Dave Lieberman on your blog”

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