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Nick Waterhouse – Is That Clear

If you had no context around it, you would have to assume that Nick Waterhouse and his band The Tarots are straight out of 1961. A classic R&B sound that is fresh in every way. So good. With only an EP out of 4 songs there’s not nearly enough here for me to be satisfied though. I can’t wait until he’s got 5 albums of things I can just run in the background of every party I never through.

Note to my wife: I apologize in advance for the abuse your ears are about to receive over the next six months.

Scroll down to add a little audio enjoyment to your Friday.

Nick Waterhouse

Nick Waterhouse – Is That Clear



Nick Waterhouse – Is That Clear EP on Rdio

One response to “Nick Waterhouse – Is That Clear”

  1. Melanie says:

    After one listen, it’s not bad. Nice beat…could grow on me.

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