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Nerd humor

The guys at Gizmodo posted a pretty humorous idea for you geeks out there. Instead of going with the standard naming on your WiFi router at home like Linksys or 2wire3401, set it to something that your neighbors will always see when they are looking for a connection. Plenty of suggestions abound (plenty of ideas are NSFW), but here are a few of my favs:

  • ThosePeopleIn1583LookLikeTerrorists
  • IReadYourMail
  • IPoisonedYourDog
  • GetYourOwnDSLCheapskate

And a couple of my own for good measure:

  • YouReallyShouldn’tBeLookingAtThat
  • IPouredSugarInYourPrius’Tank
  • NiceAcidWashedJeans
  • I’llShareMyInternetIfYou’llShareYourCable
  • DoYouSwimInMyPoolWithoutMeKnowingToo?

There’s a good chance I will be starting a rotation of great WiFi names in the near future. Any suggestions?

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  1. Aspen says:

    HAHAHA! Now that is funny. I loved the


    HA! Thats funny

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