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More bailout ranting

No matter what side of the fence you sit on politically, I urge you to contact your Congressman TODAY and tell them firmly that their job will rest in their decision on the upcoming vote.

Last week I contacted both Senators for the state of Texas and my district’s Congressman and explained to them my thoughts on the measure. The message was heard and in an overwhelming upset the House of Representatives turned down the measure and did what they rarely do, be the true voice of the people.

From everything I have heard, greater than 95% of the people do not want this measure to pass. We don’t want another Trillion dollars to be added to our already insurmountable debt. The numbers of calls, letters and emails have swamped your representatives. So much so that their websites have been intermittent in service handling the load.

So why then did our Senators not listen? I’m not sure. But I am sure that I have already once again contacted them both to let them know that their vote was their voice and that it in no way represented mine. I also reminded them that come election time I will be finding another candidate to support. And I would suggest you do the same. Yep even Kay Bailey Hutcheson, senator of over 15 years will no longer be receiving my support.

The fact is, is there are other options out there. I didn’t foul this up. There is plenty of blame to go all around. The government and their forced fair-housing bills requiring lending in low-income areas, banks allowing their greediness to get the best of them, idiots who took out mortgages that were more than they could afford and wall street who kept betting long-shots on the whole process. You know what I did? I did the responsible thing. I lived in rental units for 8 years before buying. I made sure that my house payment would be under a certain percentage of my income. I bought a home within my means, in a nice neighborhood, in a nice town. And even now as most real estate markets are nose-diving, my home value still increases.

And because I didn’t foul it up, I don’t feel the need to pay for it. And neither should you.

This isn’t Canada. I don’t want Socialism. But that’s exactly what you are headed for America. A government run centralized banking system. Good luck with that.

A couple of random thoughts with the measure:

  • The Secretary of the Treasury is an appointed position. That means in 100 days Henry Paulson is out. Which would then leave you with the following scenario: Democratic President, Democratic Congress, Democratic Senate and an appointed Democratic Treasury Secretary with free reign to spend on whatever he wishes. That’s power.
  • Both Obama and McCain voted for the measure today. Are these the men you want representing you?
  • We will feel the sting from this either way. Bailout or no. Don’t kid yourself thinking this is an end-all fix.
  • There really is no regulation on this bill on how much to spend or where it must be spent. That’s power.
  • ‘Fiscally sound Republicans’ is becoming more-and-more of a less-and-less. Spend away. Let the next generation figure it out.
  • Jack Kemp put it the most eloquently way today when saying, “Congress should vote on what they think is the best for the people, not what the people necessarily want” (paraphrased). Which really means that government feels it has to rule and regulate stupid. Meaning, if you are stupid, they need to find a way to keep you from being stupid. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to write enough laws.

As you may be able to tell, I’m a little fired up. This could be a huge turning point in our nation’s history. The people with the power to make decisions are there to represent those that put them there. Hold them to it.

One set of alternative options (PDF)

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