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I guess this is as good a place as any

…to let you know all about our new news. With so many people to call/email, we just figured this would be a good way to tell everyone at once. I say everyone, but in all honesty some already do know. Please don’t get upset if this is the way that you find out, our intentions were to tell everyone at the same time but in conversations with some we just let it slip out.

Before I make the big announcement, just a couple of things. Yes, we are super-excited. Yes, you are all more than welcome to visit whenever you’d like. We have a spare bedroom and will even try to find a bed for it if you give us enough notice.

Without further ado…

…we have gone Hi-Def!

This is our new 57″ Mitsubishi 1080p TV! And it is fantastic! We just got the HD service hooked up on Saturday and watched the Super Bowl in all of it’s HD glory. Yes, another year for a boring group of commercials, but everything looked great.Speaking of the commercials, a couple of my favs that stood out: ‘The Beard Come-over’ and the ‘Paper, Rock, Scissors’ beer commercial. Very funny on both parts. Also, I am torn in my decision whether or not to eat any more Snickers. Dead wrong. I did see however that they have already pulled the commercial. They were getting a beating from all ends.Anyways, just wanted to share our exciting news with you all. It’s nice to be able to sit on the couch and actually see the TV. Come one, come all and check it out. I’m not so sure that you can’t see it from your house already.

Aspen, it’s your turn to tell some news. Even after the denial, I still have my money on baby news.

One response to “I guess this is as good a place as any”

  1. Aspen says:

    HAHAHA! I am sorry to say that everyone will be sadly disappointed. If I would have even thought everyone would automatically “go there” I wouldn’t have even mentioned it. The news is rather boring actually…some may not even consider it news. HA, jokes all on you.

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