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Himalayan Salt Plate

*I’d love to credit where I stumbled across this but sadly, I just can’t remember. Apologies in advance if it was you.

I’ve never seen or heard of cooking on a salt plate but after this description and its supporting images, I’m sold. You can serve food on it both hot and cold, and as an added bonus, you can put it directly on the grill.

Himalayan Salt Plate

Himalayan Salt Plate - Fajitas

Himalayan Salt Plate - Shrimp

via The Italian Dish

Aside: The above post (and fantastic amateur photography) spurred me enough into digging around her site a bit further finding a few things that I might even eat – a feat in itself – including this gem: Fettunta – or the Best Garlic Bread You’ll Ever Had.

2 responses to “Himalayan Salt Plate”

  1. Jessica says:

    I recently discovered the joy of cooking on a salt plate and love it! I got mine from Sustainable Sourcing and I’m thinking of trying out their salt bowls and cups next!

  2. Christian says:

    Awesome Jessica, thanks for the heads up. An entire line of products I didn’t even know existed before this week!

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