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Gift-giving Made Easy 2010

Hopefully I can pencil in enough hours to knock out a few of my own gift ideas before the month ends. I’ve even enlisted a bit of help as well for a post or two so we’ll see how that turns out. I had a good time coordinating gifts by color and designing matching posts last year, but this year simple lists/montages will probably have to suffice due to time constraints.

I couldn’t come up with a decent title for this one but it falls somewhere along the lines of:

Home griller / Bobby Flay wannabe

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Wannabe Home Foodie

1. Salt Plate: $40
2. One Line Spice Rack: $190
3. Two Dudes, One Pan: Maximum Flavor from a Minimalist Kitchen: $25
4. OXO Grilling Tools: $50
5. Handcrafted Terra Cotta Pizza Oven: $1900
6. Apron Cooking Guide: $20
7. Char-Broil Oil Less Turkey Fryer: $99
8. The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual: $25

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