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Gift giving in color

There’s no shortage of “perfect gifts for 2009” around but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to throw my own two cents in the ring. To throw a spin on it, I’ve decided to organize my lists by color. I’m guessing most of it will end up being geared towards men and almost all of it would be stuff I either own or would personally buy.

I think it’d be interesting to see some others so feel free to compile your own list(s).

Christmas in Black

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Christmas [gifts] in black

1. Data Robotics Drobo: $349.95
2. House Industries – Small Neutraface Slab Pillow: $45
3. Nikon D90 DX 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera: $1,035.97
4. House Industries – PLINC Behemoth Figures Large: $35
5. Black & Decker Rubber Coated Gripper Gloves: $5.64
6. TOMS Black Canvas: $44
7. 12″ Lodge Cast Iron Cookware pan: $27.95
8. Herman Miller Aeron Chair: $721.65

PS. There’s also a little holiday spirit happening that you’ll miss if you only read through RSS today.

4 responses to “Gift giving in color”

  1. Alowetta says:

    WOW – did you draw the snowman? Very cute!

  2. Christian says:

    Hardly. Google did. Or somebody else did and Google found it for me. He’s smart and friendly.

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