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Do Phil Collins and a primate work well together?

Note: This post was written some time in early-September and never polished or finished. It may not make a lot of sense but it needed to see the light of day.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about advertising. How it affects me, us as a society, and how I can become better at creating/using it. To me, advertising at its core is about making you feel bad or insecure about what you have by showing you what you don’t have and how it is better. It doesn’t always work, but when done well can create firestorm for your product/service/company. A few companies who are very good at advertising (or hire good agencies): Apple, Miller High Life, & T-Mobile come to mind.

Like the Vern Fonk video from a while back, advertising through the use of things like viral videos has the potential to spread rapidly and can gain outstanding results. But they have to be done correctly.

With all types of advertising out there from print/web/TV/radio/billboard, there is one I admit that I just don’t get yet. The ad campaign that leaves the thought of ‘what exactly were they selling?’ in the audiences’ mind doesn’t actually seem like the perfect solution. I won’t say never but very seldom does it ever work. The Sony Bravia commercials come to mind as one’s that might.

As I spend some more time collecting my thoughts/learning about advertising on the Internet I hope to gain an understanding of what works well and what doesn’t. Adwords vs. Banners, Promoted vs. Viral, Blatant vs. Subtle. Lot’s of options when it comes to advertising.

To go with all my advertising thoughts, Cadbury Dairy created the following to promote video their milk. I think. It doesn’t make me want to buy their milk but it does make me want to share their video.

A Glass and a Half Full

Side note: this video reminds me of my cousin Trevor, not the gorilla per se, but the song choice and the drum solo that he always ‘air-drummed’ to.

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  1. Aspen says:

    HAHA! That commercial does remind me of Trevor! I distinctly remember staying home from school sick one day and while I was laying in bed fast asleep…I hear this song BLARING from his room. After waking up long enough to come out of my room and point lasers at him…he jumped out of his pants because I scared him. He had no clue I was home. HAHA! So funny…

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