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Christmas tunes

Editor’s note: I did this on another one of my sites last year and it was pretty popular so I thought I’d give it a go here.

I have a decent collection of Christmas music. It’s not huge but I have accumulated some quality tracks here and there over time. Of course I dig the classics by Elvis, Sinatra, Crosby and Ives; but a majority of these will probably be a little more contemporary with names like: Jason Mraz, Damien Rice & Coldplay.

Not sure if I’ll remember/have time to do a song-a-day post but I will try and be as consistent as possible with it.

Tip: I may offer the songs in a variety of different ways – normal blog post, Twitter-only link and/or an RSS-only link might happen as well. I would recommend you subscribe to the RSS feed as well as follow me on Twitter to not miss a single track.

If you have one you think might fit in well with the series, send me a note about it.

Let the games begin.

Jason Mraz – Winter Wonderland

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