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Christmas Music 2010

Creepy Santa 2010It’s still early enough in the holiday season that you shouldn’t be tired of Christmas music yet. I’ve actually been spinning Christmas tracks now for a few weeks trying to sort through what I have and what you might like to hear.

If you were around my Internet neighborhood last year then you probably know that I have a decent collection of Christmas music and attempted to share some of it with you. If you and I were not connected by the Internets last year, then you missed out on the single greatest event in the history of mankind. Sorry. Lucky for you, we’ll try and recreate it this year.

With a little pre-planning already done, my goal is to keep you supplied with some music for your collection that will hopefully give you something other than the Chipmunks or David Archuleta for your listening pleasure. If you have the be-boppinist, toe-tappinest, do-wop of a track that you’d like to share, get in touch.

To catch the newbies up, this first couple of posts are just some highlights of things missed in 2009.

To listen on the site, hit the play button. To download the track to your own computer, right-click each title and choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” to download.

Leon Redbone & Zooey Deschanel – Baby It’s Cold Outside


Death Cab for Cutie – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)


Jason Mraz – Winter Wonderland (live)

Final thoughts:
1 If you aren’t already, I’d encourage you to subscribe to my RSS feed and follow along on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a single track. I’ve got some other cool things lined up for the holiday season this year and I’d love for you to be a part of them. I’ve also been known to sneak in a song or two through either of those channels that won’t officially show up here on the site.

2 Don’t be selfish with your new found knowledge of happenin’ Christmas tunes, make sure to spread the word.

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