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Christmas in Red

In human color psychology, red is associated with bravery, purity, happiness, good luck, heat, energy, and blood, and emotions that “stir the blood”, including anger, passion, love, pain, and sacrifice. In Christmas in Colors it just represents more material things you should get your hands on.

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Christmas in Red

1. Qlocktwo: $1500
2. Motif Cubes 01: $25
3. ASOS Contrast Trim Jersey Cardigan: $30
4. Quality design work for your business or product: (shameless plug)
5. BUILT Diaper Bag: $70
6. Stripped Cashmere Tie
7. Tungsten Typeface: $99
8. Timbuk2 Commute 2.0 Messenger: $100
9. Helvetica Film: $20
10. Mad Men: Seasons 1-3: $17-$34
11. HOW Magazine: $30

3 responses to “Christmas in Red”

  1. Melanie says:

    Sure wish you would’ve posted these lists more than a week before Christmas. Sure would’ve helped me out when people asked what you wanted!

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