Christian Ross

Bailout passed

But I will vote again for Kenny Marchant. Though I’m not happy with the results of the vote, I am happy to report that voices were heard and spoken for. A major reason why we live in the greatest country in the world.

Now that the damage is done, I just hope the markets get what they wanted… a boost of confidence. In my opinion, that’s all the problem was in this situation. Everybody on Wall Street let their emotions get the best of them. The sad fact is that greedy people will always be greedy and we will see other issues arise similar to this one.

I just prefer to not have the government try and bail us out every time. Sometimes you have to pay the piper…

And if you care, the note from my representative Kenny Marchant: (more…)

More bailout ranting

No matter what side of the fence you sit on politically, I urge you to contact your Congressman TODAY and tell them firmly that their job will rest in their decision on the upcoming vote.

Last week I contacted both Senators for the state of Texas and my district’s Congressman and explained to them my thoughts on the measure. The message was heard and in an overwhelming upset the House of Representatives turned down the measure and did what they rarely do, be the true voice of the people.

From everything I have heard, greater than 95% of the people do not want this measure to pass. We don’t want another Trillion dollars to be added to our already insurmountable debt. The numbers of calls, letters and emails have swamped your representatives. So much so that their websites have been intermittent in service handling the load.

So why then did our Senators not listen? (more…)

Andy Rutledge’s redesign

Exerpt from one of the greatest reads on the interwebs this week:

You may or may not know it, but the United States government has a website. is dubbed the US government’s official web portal. There you can find information for citizens, businesses, government employees, and visitors to the US. Like many government websites, it is poorly designed and often confusing. It should be redesigned, especially if the Democrat candidate for president should win the 2008 election. In that case, the transition of our government from a capitalist, representative democracy to a Marxist state will require many changes, which should be reflected on the website.

Read it all:

The end-result is almost as beautiful as the post.