Christian Ross

Of course / Why?

Since I post so much here, I’ve decided to start a new addition to this blog. My, Of course / Why? section will be just kind of a thumbs up/down of things I come across on the Interwebs.

Of course: Will have things I find interesting/good/fun/worthwhile.
Why?: Should include anything that makes me question the motives/thought process/build out of most anything.

I might include descriptions, and then again I might include nothing at all. And with everything else on this blog, this may never happen again.

Probably one of my most favorite websites ever. And a fantastic display of all your talents on your own projects. Not easy to do. Once in, use the menus at the top of the Flash.
Of course:

And from the ‘Keep Austin Weird’ department of editors who don’t pay attention to headlines published.